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Katie Schonwit joins me on this episode.  Katie is a 30-year old Brooklyn, NY native who is a Senior Office Manager and an Executive Assistant, a gamer, and a nerd extraordinaire.  After her mother passed away when she was 18, she was forced to grow up and struggled for years until she was finally diagnosed with ADHD a year ago.  She is now on a path of self-discovery.   

In this conversation, you will hear Katie’s story.  Katie has experienced a lot in life, but you will hear that she has the perseverance to get past any barrier she encounters.  She talks about her childhood, the early and sudden death of her mother, an abusive relationship, and multiple miscarriages.   

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You’ll Learn: 

  • [06:47] - Katie describes her life pre-diagnosis.   
  • [09:53] - Katie shares her family situation growing up, including her mother’s sudden death.  Now, Katie can appreciate her even more. 
  • [13:55] - Katie talks about working retail and her work history.  She explains why she has stayed at her current job.   
  • [17:51] - Katie shares her experience in an abusive relationship.  
  • [21:03] - Katie talks about her relationship with her fiance.  
  • [22:44] - Katie was prompted to seek an evaluation because of a subway sign.  
  • [26:20] - Katie describes the grieving process around her evaluation.   
  • [28:06] - In the last year, Katie has gone on a path of self-discovery, and she explains her growth.   
  • [31:20] - Katie shares a message for anyone who is recently diagnosed.    
  • [35:55] - I talk about my past experience with Minecraft.  
  • [42:59] - Katie talks about some of the hardships she’s faced recently.  
  • [53:40] - Katie describes how it felt to “come clean” about what she has been going through with her accountability group.   
  • [56:11] - Katie talks about her action steps regarding pregnancy.  
  • [58:44] - Katie talks about her YouTube channel. 
  • [59:50] - There is a profound underrepresentation of women in gaming. 
  • [1:05:30] - Katie shares that she’d like to cover the miscarriage experiences on her YouTube channel.  
  • [1:09:36] - Katie dedicates to start working on her YouTube channel this weekend.   

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