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ADHD reWired Ep 8. This may be the best episode yet. 

I will give you 13 tips to increase motivation.

Listen to an off-off-off-way off broadway production of a 2 character play, created, directed and played by me.  

Check out my recommended app.  

100s of Adults with ADHD are going... are you?

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I also announce a contest... which will continue beyond the date stated on this podcast.  I didn't do the math correctly... go figure.  

Win an ADHD (ACDC) t-shirt or a time timer.  Just leave a review on iTunes, or share a link to the show on your Facebook page.

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Today we’re going to talk about procrastination. I’m going to talk about some of the reasons we do it, and I’m going to share with you some strategies that I’ve learned that have helped me and many of my clients procrastinate less and do more. I’m going to share with you a great app I recently discovered that can actually help you with procrastination. We’ll also hear from you, the ADHD rewired community. 

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Register now for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (ADDA) conference.  The only conference just for Adults ADHD conference.  Sign up now at

I'll see you there.

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Ep06 To Share or Not to Share. 6 questions to ask yourself before you do.

On Today’s episode, we will talk about coming out ADHD. The when, if and how to disclose. I’m going to share with you my personal experiences of disclosure.  This is the first episode I’m recording since I’ve launched the podcast. So, I want to let you know how that’s been going, and how I’ve been doing. And I’m going to share a very important milestone.  We’re going to hear from you, the listeners.  

You can email me, or record your voice at my website

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Episode 05: 7 Steps to making a better to do list:


1. Verb it. Make it an action list. -

2. Time it.

3. Schedule it

4. Draw it.

Check out to get the rest in some detail.


Other thoughts…

It's not just ADHD, Nobody every gets through their to do list. 

Give yourself permission to occasionally purge items from your list of it has been there for way to long.


Ending Quote: "You can do anything, but not everything" - David Allen


Plus... check out this weeks recommended apps

4iOS apps and 1 Mac app


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Behavior change is hard. While I hope you are doing well on your personal goals, this episode will offer a few things to consider if are not making the progress you were hoping for.  
Projects are not tasks.
6 questions to ask yourself when an item on your to do list has been there for too long:
Small steps will add up to big progress.  Where are you right now with your goal?
6 questions to ask yourself to help you gain clarity:
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In this episode we will discuss 7 tools -- 3 of them apps to help you get better at tracking time.  I will also talk about the top 5 lies people with ADHD tell themselves and really believe.

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Sleep and ADHD
Sleep challenges can run the gamut when you have ADHD.  In this episode I discuss common sleep challenges, as well as my sleep challenges, and I share a number of strategies.  I also share one of my favorite tools in my ADHD toolbox for helping me with sleep. 
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Launch Episode. 

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