ADHD reWired
Behavior change is hard. While I hope you are doing well on your personal goals, this episode will offer a few things to consider if are not making the progress you were hoping for.  
Projects are not tasks.
6 questions to ask yourself when an item on your to do list has been there for too long:
Small steps will add up to big progress.  Where are you right now with your goal?
6 questions to ask yourself to help you gain clarity:
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In this episode we will discuss 7 tools -- 3 of them apps to help you get better at tracking time.  I will also talk about the top 5 lies people with ADHD tell themselves and really believe.

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Sleep and ADHD
Sleep challenges can run the gamut when you have ADHD.  In this episode I discuss common sleep challenges, as well as my sleep challenges, and I share a number of strategies.  I also share one of my favorite tools in my ADHD toolbox for helping me with sleep. 
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Launch Episode. 

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