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John Lee Dumas, host of the award-winning EntrepreneurOnFire podcast and the leader of a trio of web communities that includes Podcasters' Paradise, is my guest this week. We discuss various productivity tips and tricks, perceptions of ADHD, useful software and apps, and more on episode 30 of ADHD reWired.

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Paige Sharma, a mother of three who caught my attention through an astounding open letter she wrote to a long-lost classmate, is our guest today. She talks about her story of ADHD diagnosis, concerns over finding the right doctor to treat her and the difference between some of them, and many of the symptoms she experienced that lead her to seek aid and find more information.

The open letter she wrote, to an old elementary school classmate, is a touching piece that addresses depression, suicide, and how she found motivation.


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A balanced lifestyle for the long run...

Kari Gormley is a fellow podcaster, mom, runner and she has ADHD

Kari was diagnosed with ADHD 3 months ago.

We discuss our Red Zone and Green Zone and the importance and challenge of outsourcing.

She gives running tips. Don't worry, Kari is a mid to a back-of the pack runner.

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Also, I was interviewed on Kari's Podcast which was released on the same day as this episode. Go check it out in iTunes or Stitcher.

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Stop on a dime and change directions.  This is a skill for improv on stage, and has great application in relationships. 

Mike Fedel is a professional performer, with a background in comparative philosophy. he has ADHD.  

Focuses on the values of:

  • Play
  • Improvisation
  • Being able to stop on a dime and change the direction of where we're going.


An example of Mike and his Wife - Planning a vacation to Chicago

  • He made list of 20 plays and other art and theater institutions he wanted to see
  • His wife's list consisted of the beaches she wanted to go to.


Solving disagreements by

  • Needing to let go of your agenda, and really engage in the dialogue
  • Relationships are 100/100 (not 50/50)


Words Matter. Would you mind asking us, instead of telling us?  Thank you, we really appreciate it.

Try this when you want to get your spouse ...

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Play as the best non-medication treatment...

Kirsten Milliken, Ph.D, ACC loves play.  

"Playing with others is better than playing with yourself." 

She shares how to add fun into our lives from how we set up our workspace to adding fun music to our workouts.

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