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122 | Making Friends with Adult ADHD

122| Making Friends with Adult ADHD



Please join us as we welcome Alex Hofeldt back to the show. Some of you may recognize him from the Beautiful Dust Specks Podcast. This week Eric and Alex discuss the effect ADHD has on Making friends and social situations, such as remembering names, conversation, and general awkwardness.

For people with ADHD, life can be very difficult when in social situations. This is even more so the case in small to large groups of people. We cannot expect everyone we know and interact with to factor our “condition” into everything we say think or feel. People are generally impatient when it comes to these things and for those who are interested in fitting in, this can be a very disheartening circumstance.

Forgetting names is common and people can sometimes feel they are not regarded highly enough by you for you to take the time to actually remember their name. Blurting out can be considered rude in that it is generally taken as an interruption. Sometimes people with ADHD are just different and therefore misunderstood. This can even be the case with other people with ADHD.

Those of us with ADHD do tend to stand out and it can be frustrating when one day our peers depend on us for entertainment and the next day just can’t seem to deal with us. Some of us have been in a similar circumstance when we are treated as the court jester among our “friends”, as if we are there for the sole purpose of their amusement when they want us to perform.

Eric Tivers (host of ADHD reWired) was kind enough to try to help Alex with his specific problems in this area.

Alex mentions many of the problems as stated above and goes further with some more specific things.

 Eric offered Alex what I felt was some really sound advice. It was not just general tips we have all heard before. It was catered to his specific problems, which is what an ADHD coach should always do. Alex was kind enough to agree to come back on the show to discuss how his problem has changed as a result of the coaching Eric provided him. Please stay tuned to ADHD reWired for the follow-up with Alex.


On a personal note:

“During this episode I found myself able to identify with Alex. I felt and still feel a strong empathy for him. I was reminded of the being in similar situations during certain times in my life. Alex held nothing back and was very forthcoming in the things he shared. I am happy to know the ADHD community has a person like Alex in it. His honesty was inspiring and I was reminded of the reason for my own commitment to spread awareness about one of the most treatable mental disorders we know of.”



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121 | Raising Chloe - A Chat Between A Mother and Her Daughter

Episode 121 | Chloe & Lisa, A Symbiont Circle of Awareness

Mother and Daughter, Lisa Mortell and Chloe Johnson join us in the ADHD reWired virtual studios this week to talk about their lives and how ADHD is a part of it.
Chloe along with her ADHD has trouble with depression and anxiety. Lisa, Chloe’s mom admits to not having been a perfect mom (as if there was such a thing). In the early days she made the very common mistakes people make when trying to help people with depression by explaining that there was nothing to be depressed about. Lisa felt the guilt that many parents feel about putting their kids on medication.
At 18 months Chloe refused to stay in her crib and figured out how to escape the confinement it was designed for.
Chloe thought vitamins were snacks
Chloe wanted to be a normal person. More than that she wanted to be a normal person without taking pills to achieve this.
Chloe then finds herself in the “Hot Seat”!
• Problems
o Cannot kick carbs
o Trouble sticking to her diet
o Trouble getting in an exercise routine
Chloe want to lose weight to fit into her clothes she could wear a year ago. She also uses exercise as a way to deal with her anxiety and depression. Eric gives her some amazing advice to help her achieve this, and schedules a date for the follow-up.
Mother daughter relationships can be tough. Chloe and Lisa are a shining example of what can be achieved through mutual respect and understanding. This was a truly amazing episode and listening to Chloe and her mother was very insightful in learning ways people can discover what is great about other people, as opposed to focusing on what is wrong, or what needs to be fixed.
Though there is no perfect relationship between a parent and their child, you would have to search long and hard to do better than Lisa and Chloe.

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120 | Today's Awesome with Brendan Mahan

120 | Today's Awesome with Brendan Mahan


This week on the 120th we welcome back to the ADHD reWired virtual studio Brendan Mahan. Brendan saved ADHD rewired from a possible dilemma in that there are no shows in the can. Brendan thank you for bailing us out.

  • Brendan begins by doing a quick review of his last appearance on episode 78 The Wall of Awful.
  • Brendan is also now working on a book. He has a big white board with the books outline on it.
  • Brendan tells a story of his near death experience with some camouflage hockey fans. Eric felt like a random hug is what would best defuse the situation.
  • Eric confesses a deep rooted fear of his own in regard to his loud office neighbors.
  • Brendan coined a new phrase for Tuesday since Eric is spending time with his son. This day shall hence be called “Two-Dudes-Day
  • Brendan talks about “Todays Awesome” post series
    • Began with the most awful year of his life.
      • Mom passed away.
      • Career ended
        • Fired on his wife’s birthday
      • Car burned up
        • He watched his car burn
      • Rather than looking at the awful he looked at the awesome.
      • Brendan begins each day posting what is awesome about the day. Everyday!
    • Brendan talks about is kids.
      • Brendan’s kids don’t really hate the aquarium. They hate leaving the aquarium
      • Brendan’s kids, in the presence of an elephant, are drawn to a bird.
      • Brendan’s kids like many kids and Eric, are enamored with poop.
    • Brendan has been looking for a job.
      • Eric gives him a plug. Eric Tivers…What a great guy.


  • Eric inquires about where and how Brendan is interviewing
    • Eric first arms himself with index cards.
    • Brendan explains his methods
  • Eric inquires about what he may be aware of that he is doing wrong
    • Managing emotions
  • Eric inquires about exercising
  • Brendan has a revelation and discovers that he could ride his bike.
  • Eric has him get the bike DURING the show.
    • Because starting is the hardest part

Eric continues to coach Brendan on the show. Brendan Mahan is one of the kindest people in the ADHD community. He is a fantastic father, a loyal husband and fine friend. It is always a pleasure to have Brendan on the show or listen to him speak. There are many voices in the ADHD community but none more genuine than Brandan Mahan.

Please stay tuned to the threads in the ADHD reWired community for news and updates for Brendan’s job search.

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119 | The Voice of Your Dreams

119 | The Voice of Your Dreams


We are proud to have Aaron Anastasi in the ADHD reWired virtual studios. Aaron is an entrepreneur who claims to have stumbled through life falling into a few successes.

Aaron is a writer, and actor, and a film maker. He has never officially been diagnosed. He sees many similarities with his brother who is diagnosed ADHD, and sees many of the same struggles.

Aaron actually began working with a coach after a major disappointment when his record deal fell through. He decided he had failed so much that some of it must be his own doing. He wanted to change, and be successful. He notes that his coach once said to him,

“Who do you have to be to get the results you want?”


Eric and Aaron discuss in depth, The Fearful Voices. These are the voices that say things like, You cant do it, You will fail, etc.. and the dangers of listening to them. Aaron mentions, “Sometimes the voice in our limitations is louder than the voice in our dreams”

Aaron was also kind enough to discuss some secrets from his book. One of which, is “The Commitment Compartment”. The place where all the things we are going to do are kept.

This was a fantastic show and it was just a lot of fun listening to Aaron who is such a normal guy who was and is achieving extraordinary things.


More About Aaron

Aaron Anastasi is a Southern California native who graduated with a master’s

degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, where he studied philosophy,

Psychology, and theology.


He’s also a serial entrepreneur with online businesses such as Superior Songwriting

Method, Signing Success, and the internationally recognized, Superior Singing

Method, an online singing lesson program that grosses seven-figures annually.


Aaron has the #1 singing/life lesson channel on YouTube and has over 11.5 million

organic views and over 130 thousand subscribers total on his three channels.


Having a love for adventure, he was a pro snowboarder in Vail, Colorado, scaled

Glacier Lake Mountains in Bolivia, and cut pathways through the jungles of Contagem, Brazil.


Along with being a Los Angeles based actor and filmmaker, Aaron is also a

prominent success coach for clients in industry-leading roles, ranging from film

directors to marine biologists to TEDx speakers. His new book, The Voice of Your

Dreams, was released in April 2016, and reached Amazon's top 100 best sellers within the first week of release.

Get Aaron's book here.

Get you copy of “Chasing Kites” at

Contact Eric Tivers through his website at

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