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Welcome back to another mastermind episode. Today we have Madeline in the hot seat as we work through the issues she has been facing with getting more done and having productive free time. We discuss ways that she can get more done while still playing video games but also doing things in her free time that restore and rejuvenate not just kill time.

This mastermind begins with a discussion on how to break through and do the I don’t wanna’s, ways to help Madeline do her chores, study and how “I’ll do it later” is just a lie we tell ourselves. They talked about what they feel like when they think I don’t wanna, is it resentment because you have to do it?  Is there guilt because you feel the resentment?

Madeline is given some great advice in this mastermind! Listen in and learn some fantastic tips to manage your I don’t wannas, learn to rewrite the script in your head and make the I don't wannas into a positive outcome..

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:04] Welcome back! Madeline is in the hot seat on this episode.
  • [02:16] Everyone is introduced by Eric.
  • [03:04] Madeline tells us what she wants to Mastermind today.
  • [03:58] Has Madeline done research on whether play is part of productivity? 
  • [05:26] Does anyone feel rejuvenated after using technology? 
  • [12:27] Madeline talks about how she likes to do non productive things first thing in the morning.
  • [25:49] We are back from the break and dive into working through the transitions of I don’t wanna’s.
  • [27:51] What video game has Madeline played that does make her feel good?
  • [32:52] We now shift to how to be more productive and how to beat the I don’t wannas.
  • [32:58] What are Madeleines key I don’t wannas that she is struggling with?
  • [35:17] What chore does she do that when it is done she it makes her feel really good?
  • [42:02] How can we help Madeline do her chores like drying dishes, scooping kitty litter and decluttering her desk?
  • [46.38] Stopping the I’ll do it later syndrome.
  • [54:19] Is there a degree of opposition when someone asks you to do something?
  • [55:58] Madleine needs to learn new scripts in her mind and use scripts to do it.
  • [58:24] What's the equivalent of wiggling the pinkie finger for the tasks you don't wanna do?
  • [1:03:12] How is accountability brought into the situation?
  • [1:09:29] After listening to what has been discussed, what things does Madeleine think she can commit to?
  • [1:11:17] Final thoughts?
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