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In this episode, Eric is joined by Ryan Mayer who you might have seen on TikTok! Ryan is a performance and mindset coach on a mission to help others navigate through the storms caused by ADHD. He calls on first-hand experience to help his clients who, like him, are falling short at work and at home. He helps others to believe in themselves again through empathy, enthusiasm, and education. Ryan’s coaching empowers others to live a happier life. You’ll hear Ryan share his experience in corporate-America, his journey to becoming an ADHD coach, and the importance of finding a path that suits your strengths and personality. You will also learn the ways that Ryan and Eric use accountability, how crucial accountability is to getting things done, and how Ryan draws from his personal life to create his content on TikTok. 

Other Topics & Questions in this Episode:

  • How do you not get stuck on TikTok? 
  • What are the nuances of accountability that makes it work? 
  • Is it a good idea for your spouse to be your accountability partner?
  • What does Ryan mean by “Walking the razor's edge”?

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Eric is joined by Aran Rees, joining the show from across the pond! Aran has worked in professional development for close to a decade, specializing in self-directed peer-supported experiential learning and believes that learning is a survival skill! You'll hear about the ways that the "why" behind the "what" we want to learn can affect the ways we learn, how our environments affect how we learn, and what is needed for genuine learning. 

Topics & Questions in this Episode:

  • How is work changing? How does the move from office-work to at-home work change the way we work? 
  • (As of this recording), what is the average job tenure?
  • Is the shift to learning online geared more towards compliance versus actual learning?
  • Eric to Aran: “Whether we are trying to learn a new skill ourselves or a new job, from what you do professionally, what do we know about what is actually needed for genuine learning rather than regurgitation?” 
  • What does learning begin with? 
  • How does the interest in what we’re learning affect the ways we learn? 
  • Are the goals you are pursuing actually important to you, or is this something someone else is encouraging you to do? Is it only important to you because that person is important to you? Then, is that enough of an ‘interest’ to keep you engaged?
  • Once you’ve made a commitment and you care about something and you’ve carved out the time - what else is essential for learning a new skill or new ability? 
  • What is Aran’s deep ‘why’ behind wanting more structure in his routines? 
  • How can your environment affect learning? How can our environments affect our routines?
  • What is the importance of environmental cues? 

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In this episode, Eric is joined by Sherri, a CEO/executive coach and facilitator who was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 40.

Her mission: Equip ADHD leaders to confidently lead by example making every workplace friendlier for all brains. She has led leadership teams, developed programs for diverse organizations around the world. Before turning entrepreneur, Sherri worked at Procter & Gamble where she climbed from a soap sales-rep (yes, bars of soap!) to Southern California district sales manager.

Hear Eric and Sherri talk about self-acceptance, imposter syndrome, and her journey into leadership training. You’ll hear about the executive-functioning drain of meetings, Sherri’s suggestions on running better “meetings”, and the importance of fun and communication. It’s about identifying the needs and challenges are, then coming up with processes to fall to in order to do the things you’re wanting to do. 

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Topics & Questions in this Episode:

  • How did Sherri go from selling soap to coaching leaders?
  • What is the importance of self-awareness? 
  • How did Sherri’s ADHD diagnosis affect her work work? 
  • After the tech-boom, what drew Sherri back into coaching executives? 
  • What does it look like to be dialed in with self-awareness?
  • When working with leaders with ADHD, what are some of the common challenges that leaders go to Sherri with? Which struggles are most common? 
  • How do we make sure that, when our teams are together, that everybody’s going with, “Yes! That’s what we agreed on!”?
  • How can a leader be constantly increasing self-awareness?
  • What is the importance of feedback?
  • Can there really be 5-minute meetings or conversations? 
  • What is the importance of experimentation in leadership?  

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Join the ADHD reWired Podcast Family & more of the ADHD reWired Team every second Tuesday of the month for the monthly Live Q&A! In this Q&A episode, you’ll hear Eric, Brendan, Will, MJ, Moira, and Kat answer your ADHD-related questions! 

Questions & Topics in this Episode:
(The following questions have been paraphrased.) 

  • What are some ADHD-friendly organizing resources when preparing to relocate? 
  • Emotions can be really big and dysregulated with ADHD. Do you have advice on dealing with surprise disappointments that come up? 
  • My dad loses his temper a lot and it’s very difficult to talk to him. If I didn’t know better, I would have felt that some of the things he does could be borderline abusive. I don’t blame him because a lot of this is involuntary because of the ADHD, but if this continues, it’s not good for the family as a whole. I’m not sure how to deal with this. 
  • How can I improve my sleep hygiene with shift-work?
  • I am currently caring for my mom who has early dementia. I’ll be trying to work on my tasks, but I keep getting off track. How do I manage interruptions? 
  • How do you decide if “This is an ADHD thing” and “it should not be this much of a struggle so I should find a work-around” versus, “This is hard, but everybody struggles to do it, so I will struggle to do it!”? 
  • What suggestions do you have for finding an ADHD-friendly workplace? 

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In this episode, Eric is joined by Alumni member Laura Kane. Laura is a transplant from Boston living with her rescue dog in Delray Beach, Florida. Just prior to the pandemic, Laura discovered a love of nature photography and is incredibly grateful for this gift. Most days, she can be found taking pictures of birds, alligators, and other assorted wildlife. Her top bucket-list item is to go on a safari. Creating structure and sticking with it is a constant struggle for her, but she refuses to give up! 

Listen in as Eric and Laura work together to build her daily structure, the why behind the desire to create the structure, and how uncomfortable it can be to accept praise when sharing our joy. You’ll also hear about the significance and impact of accountability, how Laura’s passion gives her purpose, the anxiety of implementation and commitment, and understanding how the all-or-nothing mindset can actually get in the way. 

Laura’s Instagram: @joyfulphotographybylbk

  • Where does the narrative of comparing oneself to others, not feeling good enough, stems from?
  • How can you cue the “why” behind the routine? 
  • How easy is it to create back-up plans ahead of time versus in-the-moment?
  • How is exercise helpful?
  • What about online exercise classes?
  • What barriers can get in the way of building habits/derailing our habits?
  • How do you strengthen accountability? 
  • What’s the story behind “having” to ask for help? 
  • What’s the story behind believing we have to do things by ourselves? 
  • How do we get our goals met?
  • How do we structure our day when we’re the only ones depending on the structure? 
  • How has the pandemic affected building habits and routines?

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