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This week, Eric is joined by Melissa Seldon! Melissa is an artist, librarian-for-hire, and nature lover.  Creating is a predominant part of her mental health and healing process that she is currently working through.  Her art pieces can represent emotions and ideas that the deep and dusty corners of her brain offer up, as well as traits and behaviors that she is attempting to embody. The majority of Melissa’s art has an illustration bent to it and is inspired by nature.  The execution can range from the representational to the fantastical, as well as more stylized designs.  Watercolor is Melissa’s medium of choice, but lately, she has been revisiting metal jewelry, handbuilding with clay, and collage.  

  • Find Melissa on Instagram @apoideastudio (click here!)
  • Check out Melissa’s website at (click here!)


  • [00:01:06] Introducing Melissa
  • [00:02:50] Melissa recaps a tough year at work, advocating, and dealing with anxiety
  • [00:05:29] Asking for accommodations and flexible deadlines 
  • [00:08:07] “Middle school is hard for everyone.” 
  • [00:08:37] ADHD in the workplace and coming out of the pandemic 
  • [00:12:39] Opening up about crippling generalized anxiety
  • [00:18:43] Recovering from burnout and aching for creativity 
  • [00:21:03] “I bought an anvil” 
  • [00:22:50] Art and connecting with a creative longing 
  • [00:24:36] Creativity to cope with and manage anxiety 
  • [00:25:56] Executive functions and barriers to get started on creative work
  • [00:28:25] Connecting creating with feelings 
  • [00:29:55] The role of subject matter in personal creativity
  • [00:32:17] A discussion on music and albums 
  • [00:39:34] Selling a painting, a gathering gallery space, and The Veiled Crow
  • [00:42:06] The importance of community and choosing ‘now’ to speak up about burnout 
  • [00:45:12] Life in the middle of burnout and recovery
  • [00:47:53] “I’ll do that later” 
  • [00:49:14] Melissa shares her thoughts on success
  • [00:51:57] “If you could change one thing…”
  • [00:55:25] “We have to listen to our bodies.” 
  • [00:58:58] Closing thoughts & getting in touch with Melissa

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