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This Week’s Episode:

Anders Ronnau is a leading ADHD Coach Trainer in Denmark. He also has a PhD in Applied Physics and is a furniture designer. He has taught parent programs since 2010 and coach training since 2012.

In this conversation, you will hear Anders talk about transforming ADHD from the “inside out” through cognitive enhancements and techniques like Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP. Some of the things he talks about include building rapport, mirroring, anchoring, and triggers. This is an interesting episode that steps out of my science based comfort zone.

Connect with Anders Ronnau:

Transforming ADHD Website

You’ll Learn:

  • [06:48] - Why transforming from the inside out? As a problem solver, Anders wanted to find the root of the problem, not the behavior.
  • [09:27] - The origins of NLP and how it is the "ADHD stepchild" of traditional psychology and psychotherapy.
  • [11:31] - Positive intentions behind behaviors. Separating behavior from the intention.
  • [12:35] - Getting to the motivation is the beginning of change.
  • [13:27] - Programming the mind and the brain is similar to programming a computer.
  • [13:57] - Some of the things that NLP offers like building rapport in minutes.
  • [19:22] - Anchoring and creating anchors to connect a state of mind to a situation.
  • [21:18] - How NLP can be misused in marketing situations.
  • [25:06] - How trigger images that feature you can help to instill positive habits.
  • [33:23] - Going for the coaching approach of what is going on, what would you like different, and how can we get there?
  • [41:38] - Ander's shares an example of changing the inner map of a world through "mind hacks".
  • [51:52] - Examples of cognitive enhancements like hyperfocus.

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