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In this episode, Laura Key from joins the show!  Laura is a mom of two kids, a long-time editor and content-creator, hosts the ADHD Aha! podcast, and is the editorial director at! is a resource for people with learning and thinking differences like ADHD and dyslexia, where Laura also co-leads the Understood podcast network!   

Join in as Laura and Eric share their stories about keeping up with deadlines, anxiety, mental flexibility, and perfectionism. 

You’ll also hear about Laura’s roles with, her experience as a mom and the ways her ADHD can shine, and how the ADHD Aha! podcast was born.  

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In this episode, Eric is joined by Camille Roney, who is a certified academic life coach, whose work has appeared in the New York Journal, Quizlet, Motivate MD, and more!  Camille empowers students to start earning high grades while studying less and enjoying the process. 

You’ll hear Camille and Eric talk about the importance of curiosity and experimentation, why having different ways of absorbing information can depend on the content we are trying to absorb, the art of being bored, and using our calendars to reflect our values. 

Next, Eric and Camille discuss the benefits of allowing our minds to wander, strategies to be attentive to what we are reading, questions to prompt our curiosity, giving ourselves space, the next steps someone can take when they’re ready to self-advocate, and addressing our internal dialogue when we’re questioning our paths.  

Finally, you’ll hear what not to do when writing a paper, trauma, burnout, self-appreciation, getting to the “why” behind the paths we choose, how the cost of education has changed, and why it’s ok to pause and enjoy the experience.

Connect with Camille: 

Other Questions & Topics in this Episode:

  • What prompted Camille to go down the path as an academic life coach? 
  • How does Camille help people to discover how they learn? 
  • What is value-based time-blocking? 
  • What is the value of learning how to be bored? 
  • How can you stay attentive while reading? 
  • How does Camille help someone determine if they’re down the “wrong” educational path or if they need to develop study skills? 
  • What does Camille do to help students with writing?
  • When someone is pursuing a highly competitive field, how does Camille work with them? 

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Join the ADHD reWired Team every second Tuesday of the month for our monthly Live Q&A!  

You’ll hear strategies for communicating the challenges of ADHD to partners and families, ways to discuss invisible disabilities and other mental health challenges with others, resources for folks who don’t have access to healthcare, and three assumptions that can help reframe how we are in our relationships.

Then, you’ll hear techniques about learning and retaining information, ways that parents can help an adult child who is transitioning from graduating college to moving out into the world, and the importance of encouragement.  The panelists also talk about imposter syndrome, compassionate ass-kicking, that failure is not terminal, and how to support someone to get started on something tough. 

Finally, you will hear the gold standard of diagnoses, comorbidities, and the importance of not getting wrapped up in a diagnosis.

Some of the Questions & Topics in this Episode:

  • How do I help my spouse learn about ADHD?  He is skeptical of the condition. 
  • Could ADHD coaching be helpful for couples where one person has ADHD, and the other is neurotypical? 
  • In the scenario where you come from a background where the concept of mental illness or ADHD is not necessarily “accepted”, how do you explain the guardrails or things that may be helpful for a child with ADHD to those who think, “Everyone is a little bit ADHD”? 
  • People I know don’t have access to healthcare, medical support, or therapy.  But, I don’t know what to tell them when they’re struggling and don’t have access to the above.  Do you have any advice? 
  • What can I do to manage my ADHD symptoms when I don’t have access to healthcare? 
  • Do you have any tips, tricks, tools or techniques so I can actually retain information so that I’m learning it? It’s already stuff I know, but I feel like I am just reviewing stuff and I don’t actually get anywhere.
  • As a mother of a recent college graduate who does not want to treat his ADHD, he doesn’t want help from us and is overwhelmed about his future, and it’s hard to sit back and not do anything for him.  
  • I have been treated for ADHD since I found out 20 years ago, but now, neuro health says I have no ADHD and “1000% aspergers.”  I am confused and immobilized. 

Resources & Honorable Mentions:


Last month, a listener asked if there were grants available to cover potential business expenses, specifically for ADHD.  Here are some resources they shared (Thank you Lili!)

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In this episode, Eric is joined by Allison Lieberman, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is certified in postpartum mental health, and is a new-mom coach!  She is the host of The New Mama Mentor Pod and helps new moms find peace and balance in their chaotic lives.

You’ll hear Allison share when she was diagnosed with ADHD, how her diagnosis impacted her practice and her life as a mom, how she struggled with postpartum anxiety after having her first child, the dangers of glorifying worrying as a parent, the personal narratives that arise as a parent, and Allison’s mission to bring light to postpartum anxiety.  

Then, Eric and Allison dive into the work she does to educate new moms, the things that Allison has been learning with postpartum in the realm of ADHD, her experience with overstimulation and sensory processing, and the effects of stress, and differentiating between trauma and ADHD. 

Finally, you’ll hear why Allison started her podcast, medical gaslighting, and how journaling can help through the process. 

Connect with Allison: 

Other Questions & Topics in this Episode:

  • What is the difference between postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety? What about the similarities? 
  • Is postpartum anxiety a part of the DSM? 
  • What is postpartum mental health? 
  • ADHD medication during pregnancy: Yes or no? 
  • What is a reproductive psychiatrist? 
  • If someone is thinking about getting pregnant, what are some of the things they can go to their doctors with when it comes to medication? 
  • How does Allison differentiate between symptoms of trauma vs. ADHD for new moms? 
  • What has Allison found to be most helpful for clients who have ADHD during this phase of life?
  • What kinds of tools or other supports can Allison recommend for new parents? 


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