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This Week’s Episode:

This week, I am pleased to be joined by Tom Nardone. Tom is not only a friend to ADHD reWired and the ADHD community, but someone who really has become one of my best friends.  Tom is the voice of courage, humility, and bravery.  On September 19th, Tom had a brain surgery to try to remove a tumor from the part of his brain that deals with his speech.  His speech has been affected.  Tom and his wife, Yvonne, join me about a week after Tom’s surgery.

In this conversation, you will hear details from Tom on his recent brain cancer diagnosis and surgery.  Tom explains his speech issues, and what it’s like to adapt to those changes.  Tom also shares how this situation has changed his perspective on life.  

Connect with Tom Nardone:

The Tom Nardone Show
GoFundMe Campaign

You’ll Learn:

  • [08:32] - Tom talks about recording and releasing a podcast episode shortly after his brain surgery.
  • [11:46] - Tom shares what he remembers about the day of the surgery.
  • [15:05] - I explain how I used my conversation with Tom as a scenario with my coaching group. Tom tells the story of this medical issue.
  • [23:25] - Tom says that finding an entertainment niche without formal education.
  • [24:23] - Tom explains what it is like to speak now and shares his outlook on his situation.
  • [42:56] - Tom talks about a country singer that stutters, but when he sings, his speech is not impacted at all.  
  • [46:22] - When Tom was in the hospital, he made the nurses download his podcast.
  • [50:12] - Tom talks about how this experience has changed his perspective.
  • [57:18] - Tom shares that he hates going to the doctor’s office, usually. But he has had a very pleasant experience with the medical care he received in this process.
  • [58:08] - Tom explains his current outlook on life, which is quite inspiring.
  • [1:00:54] - I share my observation on Yvonne’s role in Tom’s communication.  Tom shares the role she has played in his life recently despite her medical issues.
  • [1:03:16] - Tom thanks the community for their support during this time.
  • [1:06:35] - I took notes during our conversation, and I ask Tom to sing the words I had trouble understanding. We also work though the word “gigabyte.”
  • [1:14:54] - Yvonne talks about enjoying some of this process.
  • [1:17:14] - Yvonne has been talking with several people about helping set up a crowdfunding campaign.  

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