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Rosa Swann has been a full-time romance author for two years. She starting writing romance novels while she was working on her master's degree. Rosa believes in happy endings and making choices that make you happy. She spends most of her day behind the computer, but does all of her planning on paper, because she’ll forget about it otherwise. Having been diagnosed with both ADHD and Autism a decade ago, she has been able to control her brain with a lot of planning and tactics. Recently, she has started to share some of her tactics on her blog.

In this conversation, you will hear Rosa talk about being diagnosed with ADHD and Autism. She explains how they both affect her, and how she has gone about treating both of these diagnoses. We talk a lot about Rosa’s career as a romantic novel author, and how she organizes her work and accomplishes her tasks on a daily basis.

Connect with Rosa Swann: Rosa’s Blog

You’ll Learn:

  • [10:19] - Rosa was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism at the same time. She explains that she first focused on Autism.
  • [12:48] - Rosa describes how she is affected by Autism.
  • [14:25] - While Rosa was diagnosed ten years ago, she just started taking medication. She explains why she waited.
  • [17:09] - Rosa describes being on medication as “interesting.”
  • [19:27] - Rosa talks about writing romantic novels and the paradox of that with her Autism.
  • [22:21] - Rosa explains how she got into writing romance novels.
  • [24:26] - Rosa takes us on her journey through academia.
  • [29:00] - Rosa describes herself as a workaholic.
  • [37:05] - Rosa talks about her scheduling and task completion with her writing.
  • [43:44] - Rosa talks about staying focused on her tasks throughout the day. She shares what has helped her.
  • [47:09] - According to Rosa, her sleep has been “good” since she started taking medication.
  • [51:30] - Rosa talks about using a Hobonichi planner.
  • [57:25] - Rosa explains how her plans have backup plans.
  • [1:00:46] - Rosa describes how she bounces back if something doesn’t go as planned.
  • [1:05:41] - Rosa talks about her reading habits.

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