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Noelle Matteson joins me on this week’s episode of ADHD reWired.  Noelle has lived in various places around the United States and the world.  Her background is mostly in writing and publishing.  She has an M.A. in Shakespeare Studies, and she has published a short book on the Civil Rights Movement, The Freedom Rides and Alabama: A Guide to Key Events and Places, Context, and Impact.  Noelle currently writes for Healthy Place’s blog, Living with Adult ADHD.

In this conversation, you will hear Noelle share her ADHD story.  Like most of these stories, this starts back with Noelle in school.  Because of her success in school and the structure of her schooling, she did not recognize her ADHD symptoms.  She talks about a therapist identifying these symptoms, her reaction to this news, and her experiences with medication. 


Connect with Noelle Matteson:

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Blog - Living with Adult ADHD


You’ll Learn:

  • ● [07:30] - Noelle shares her background with us.  She talks about a therapist identifying her ADHD symptoms. She explains that her first reaction to this news was “shock.”
  • ● [12:35] - At that time, Noelle was looking for work and her therapist.  Her therapist shared with her that her ADHD was holding her back in this effort to get a job.
  • ● [16:06] - Noelle talks about meeting her psychiatrist and trying medications for her ADHD.
  • ● [18:16] - Noelle shares her religious background and how this shaped her opinions on medication.
  • ● [27:14] - Noelle talks about being overwhelmed with how the medication helped her.
  • ● [31:08] - Noelle points out that she needs to remember that she still has ADHD and those tendencies, even when she’s on medication.
  • ● [33:28] - Noelle talks about moving from being overwhelmed to the point of acceptance. 
  • ● [34:47] - Noelle did well in school, and she explained why this fact, and the structure of her schooling, led to her not recognizing her ADHD symptoms.
  • ● [37:27] - Noelle started on medication in April.  She talks about how it is impacting her life now.
  • ● [45:27] - Noelle shares her list.
  • ● [57:33] - Noelle talks about productivity and organization.
  • ● [1:00:48] - Noelle explains what productivity “feels like” to her.
  • ● [1:04:18] - Coming back from breaks can be difficult, and Noelle talks about this step in productivity.
  • ● [1:08:28] - Noelle is now thinking ahead, and she discusses some of her aspirations and goals.


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