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We did it!  We made it to episode #200!  I would have never guessed we would have over one million downloads over 176 different countries.  You and your stories are why this podcast is the top-rated ADHD podcast on iTunes.  Thank you. 

This episode is the recording of December’s live Q&A.  These Q&A sessions take place the second Tuesday of every month.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  I am joined on this episode by Brendan Mahan.  

In this discussion, you will hear Brendan, and I answer several questions from You’re welcome to join these monthly live Q&A sessions.  They take place the second Tuesday of every month at 12:30pm (Central).  Go to

You’ll Learn:

  • [05:58] - I talk about how our moods can be affected by the weather this time of year. This impacts my ability to play, and I plan to be intentional about making that a priority.
  • [07:57] - Brendan talks about starting his podcast.
  • [09:58] - I share that I have experienced a dopamine crash as I’m between major projects.
  • [16:07] - Brett was diagnosed about two months ago. He has gone back to school and realized through his struggles that he might have ADHD.  He is still struggling with certain things.  We talk about the possibility that he could have dyslexia. 
  • [22:29] - Brett has experienced incredible weight loss. He has concerns about weight loss from medication. 
  • [26:46] - Kat joins the call to talk about her 2018 planning. She shares her plan for this planning session and asks for some tip on staying focused and productive.
  • [46:12] - Ben shares that he currently hates his job because of tasks he does not like. He asks how to be productive in this type of a situation.  We talk through Ben’s situation.
  • [57:08] - Natalie jumps on the call to ask about accessing her thoughts. I explain how meditation can help her with this.
  • [1:04:30] - Tamara is wondering about online and local support groups. I encourage her to join our ADHD reWired Facebook Group. 
  • [1:05:40] - Someone asks about mirroring feelings and emotions when mirroring is not appropriate. I talk about mindful awareness.

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