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This episode is the recording of March’s live Q&A.  These Q&A sessions take place the second Tuesday of every month.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  I am, once again, joined on this episode by Brendan Mahan.  

 If you’re listening to this on the day it is published, you can listen to April’s live Q&A at 1:30pm Eastern.  Join Brendan Mahan and me as we answer your questions live.  You can register at  In this episode, you will hear Brenden and I answer several listener questions on medication, managing emotions at the end of the day, procrastination, cell phone notifications, and much more.   

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You’ll Learn: 

  • [05:05] - A listener asks if we have learned a new skill lately.  I share the importance of hydration and my recent bout of seasonal affective disorder.  Brendan talks about his learning experiences with podcasting.  
  • [11:16] - Another listener asks about guanfacine, a non-stimulant form of ADHD medication.  I share that it tends to work with a stimulant medication.   
  • [13:33] - Elise asks about activities with strict structure.  Brendan explains why he shys away from these types of activities.  I address the individuality of strategies. 
  • [17:40] - Jessica asks about managing emotions later in the day when multiple family members have ADHD.  We share some of our experiences and Brenden provides us with some strategies.  
  • [23:35] - David asks about managing evening routines when medication has worn off.  Brenden and I share some thoughts on this situation.  
  • [32:58] - Rob asks about forming in-person support groups with other adults with ADHD in their lives.  I share some resources to help make this happen.  
  • [37:05] - We discuss Elise’s follow-up question about bad habits.  
  • [40:00] - A listener asks us to discuss procrastination. I suggest the I Procrastinate Podcast.  
  • [45:45] - A listener struggles with being assertive and asks for some techniques.  
  • [48:08] - We field the question, “Does turning off notifications apply to calendar notifications?” I explain my answer, “It depends.”  
  • [52:40] - A listener asks for resources on the neural anatomy involved with their ADHD.  We share several ADHD resources. 
  • [55:37] - A listener asks about people with ADHD finding themselves in difficult financial situations.  
  • [1:01:45] - We end the episode with the question, “Does Harry Potter have ADHD?” 

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