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Today’s episode is the final installment of our special series of mastermind sessions we recorded with a small group of the ADHD reWired Coaching and Accountability Group alumni.   

This episode is Tina’s turn in the hot seat.  When you listen, think about what questions you would have asked and what ideas you would have shared.  Then, share them with us in the comments section of this episode, or tweet at me @EricTivers

In this conversation, we are going to help Tina address some challenges she’s having in her business. If you struggle with emotional flooding, overwhelm, or decision-making, you will like this episode.  If you are an entrepreneur, I think you’ll love this episode.   

You’ll Learn: 

  • [06:14] - Tina describes the issue she would like to mastermind in this conversation. 
  • [07:11] - Tina shares what her career is, and where these situations tend to arise.  
  • [10:54] - Tina identifies which situations trigger these emotional responses. 
  • [13:18] - Marisol asks Tina if she could have her lawyer involved in some of these conversations from the beginning. 
  • [14:58] - Natalie asks some detailed financial questions to put things into context.  
  • [18:56] - Erica asks if Tina could start conversations earlier to avoid some issues. 
  • [22:35] - Will asks if there is any sign that a client could cause problems, and if there’s a way to prepare for that.   
  • [25:19] - Tina shares some insight into the nature of her business.  She also explains that she has no qualms evicting people.  I talk about the importance of bending the world to us, and not spending time working in areas that are not our strengths. 
  • [26:54] - Natalie talks about using intuition and identifying problem clients.  
  • [29:24] - I ask a general question about real estate on renting vs. selling.  
  • [31:26] - Will brings up the fact that Tina has been considering moving.  
  • [34:29] - Erica comments that Tina is very professional and straight-forward, so when she’s faced with people who don’t operate in the same manner, it is upsetting. 
  • [35:55] - Will shares his techniques for handling specific situations.  I share the STOPP method. 
  • [43:39] - Marisol asks Tina about meditation or mindfulness practices. 
  • [47:22] - Will talks about anxiety, how it impacts him, and how he works through it. 
  • [50:38] - Tina dives a little deeper into her current position.  
  • [54:00] - I ask Tina, “What is the one thing you can do to make this easier?” 
  • [57:48] - Natalie goes over some organizational structure with Tina.  
  • [1:01:23] - Tina shares her takeaways from this conversation. 
  • [1:02:33] - We check in on progress from previous discussions. 

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