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This episode is the recording of September’s live Q&A.  The questions answered in this episode were submitted by listeners of this podcast, both ahead of time and live.  Brendan Mahan once again joins me on this Q&A. This month, our conversation keeps looping back around to play and planning.  

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You’ll Learn:

  • [08:48] - Erica asks about planning fun.  We talk about the struggles of prioritizing, initiating, and planning.
  • [18:10] - Marisol asks how to stay in motion when there’s nothing to react to.  This continues our conversation on planning. Brendan shares how he uses motion to get back on track.
  • [24:47] - Marisol sat in the hot seat in May and talked about diet and exercise.  She gives us an update on her progress.
  • [26:45] - Gerald asks if we have any rules to help us be productive.  We share some of our “guiding principles” to stay on track throughout the day.
  • [32:45] - We talk about trying to diligent about phone usage, specifically between the hours of 9 pm and 9 am.   
  • [36:50] - I share how staying up too late will impact my ability to function with my family.  “It’s about what I want most vs. what I want now.” This leads to a discussion on parenting.
  • [45:35] - Dianna asks Brendan and me what podcasts we enjoy.
  • [52:16] - AJ asks for strategies for making phone calls.  
  • [57:09] - Alyssa wonders how to make yourself do something that seems unbearably boring.   We share our own experiences and share what does and doesn’t work for us.

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