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I am joined on this episode by Alex Hey.  Alex is a new ADHD coach from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He is launching his new coaching practice, Reset ADHD. His mission is to help people hit the reset button on their ADHD.  Alex is turning his mess into his message. Alex has had to hit the reset button a fair number of times in his life.

In this conversation, you will hear Alex share some of his poetry, which is what made Alex stand out to me and invite him onto the podcast.  Alex provides us with some of his backstory, which includes a diagnosis about five years ago. Alex also talks about his coaching service, Reset ADHD, and the unique perspective he has.  

This episode does contain a conversation around suicide.  If you experiencing suicidal thoughts and you don’t know where to turn, here are resources for help:

United States -

Outside of the US -

Connect with Alex Hey:

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You’ll Learn:

  • [05:23] - Alex reads a poem he wrote.  I previously heard Alex read this, and it’s a big reason he’s on this episode.
  • [07:00] - Alex shares some of the background information behind this poem.  
  • [08:50] - Alex was diagnosed at the age of 20, and describes his history with depression.
  • [10:23] - Alex describes the role that his relationships have played in his breakthrough.
  • [11:57] - We talk about Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria.
  • [12:56] - Seeking support for yourself is vital, and Alex talks about his progress in this area.
  • [15:16] - Alex reads his love poem.  
  • [17:35] - Alex describes his poem-writing process, and we discuss the power of storytelling.
  • [20:55] - Alex shares some of the thoughts that he corrects, and he describes the process.
  • [29:36] - I share that when I’m in the moment of “the suck,” what is helpful for me is to stay curious about what I can gain from the experience.
  • [35:05] - Alex talks about the role of prayer and faith.
  • [37:59] - Alex shares some information on his business, Reset ADHD.  He also explains why he decided to become an ADHD coach.
  • [43:20] - We talk about the state of Christian-based ADHD coaching.
  • [45:45] - I explain how giving free talks can help grow a coaching business.
  • [51:09] - Alex has written a four-part blog post about the growth mindset.  
  • [53:20] - Live life in permanent beta.

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