ADHD reWired
112 | Improvement through Improv

Episode 12

Improvement through Improv

Rachel Hamilton is currently attending the ADHD rewired accountability group with
Eric Tivers and 11 other people. We are fortunate she was able to take time to be with us this week to share her story.
Rachel was diagnosed with ADHD not long ago. She was at the Burning Man event
when a friend of hers offered her a Ritalin. Rachel is now aware of the repercussions of taking ADHD meds recreationally, but nevertheless she did indulge years ago, and it had a profound effect on her. After taking a Ritalin she felt organized and together.
Things just felt right and she had an unfamiliar awareness she had never before
experienced. This made Her curious and she began to learn more about ADHD through the reading of books and articles.
Rachel tells of the fact that nothing has been a bigger eye-opener for her then the
interactions she has had with the others in the ADHD reWired Coaching and
Accountability Group
About Rachel
Rachel began teaching almost twenty years ago and she feels passionately that Improv skills are great training for both theater and for life. Her teaching style is upbeat and nurturing
she creates a safe space where everyone can feel safe and supported, and
where everyone can do their best work. Rachel designs and implements improv
workshops all over the country for both actors and non-actors, offering Improv as a tool for training in performance as well as for personal development.
Born in DC, Rachel has lived, loved and worked in all the major cities; Chicago, LA
and most recently NYC. Last year, in a conscious quest for more tranquility and
natural beauty, Rachel made the brilliant choice to move her base to Sausalito,
California and is delighted to be bringing her deep well of experience to the Bay
Area’s vibrant Improv scene.
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