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113 | Markers for ADHD with Dr. Thomas Brown


Episode 113 | Markers for ADHD


Dr. Brown and Eric Tivers began the 113th Episode of ADHD reWired by discussing “Cookies and Accountability”. It was a great story about Dr. Brown and his wife and the temptations of a plate of chocolate chip cookies.

Eric got a lot of information out of Dr. Brown and this show will most likely call for a second or possibly third listen to get it all.

2 conditions under which those with ADHD do well.

  • Interest
  • Pressure

Most ADHD people have no problem focusing on tasks they are interested in or tasks for which they are afraid of consequences.


Dr. Brown went through the 6 different markers he looks for when diagnosing and during treatment of his ADHD patients.

  • Activation
    • Can they get organized and/or get started?
    • How much are they procrastinating
  • Attention / Focus
    • Can they focus or shift focus.
    • Do they get locked on to one thing and can’t get back on the current task
  • Alertness
    • Do they finish things in a reasonable amount of time?
      • Many people do not get the necessary amount of sleep
    • Are they able to sustain effort?
  • Managing frustration & Emotions
    • Do their emotions come on too strong or too weak
      • Some of them get excited with “What ifs”
      • Obsessing about things they will do or buy at a later time.
    • Working Memory
      • Can they keep one thing in mind while doing something else?
        • No so much the long term but short term memory
      • Monitor and self-regulate actions
        • Do you come across to others as you intend to.


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