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114 | Living Your Mission

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Jennie Friedman is an ADHD coach out of New York. She is thehost of the “See in ADHD” Podcast and the cohost of the“The ADDCouple”podcast. Jennie graced the ADHD reWired studios with herpresence for the second time and this show was a lot of laughs asis always the case when Jennie present.

Jennie is a member of Podcast Paradise,anonlinegroupofpodcasters and after seeking their counsel, shetoretoolabit.Jennie has recently re-launched her podcastandhascommittedto anamazing 5 shows per week. Jennie decided thatshehaslearneda lotsince the original launch that she referredtoasthe“SilentLaunch”. Jennie also goes to explain that muchofthiswasdo toher having a freak-out over her blog andthepressureshewasputting on herself. She finally told herself thatifshemustwritethen perhaps it is best she finish her next book.

Jennie and Eric spend a great dealoftimediscussingVerticalHeterophoria, and the work of Dr.CherylBergerIsraeloff. OneofJennie’slistenersand close friends Renee Brooks wasrecently onaveryspecial show doneby Jennie’s See in ADHD’sPodcast

Somewhere in the second half of this episode of ADHD reWired theshow took a bit of a turn as Jennie takes Eric to task on hisunwillingness to brand Tom Nardone with the title ofproducer.Jennie Admits to a bias as she claimed to be a raving fanof Toms.She is perhaps the first person to have finished thebook.She even mentioned she has a signed copy of the book that isalso signed by Tom’s wife Yvonne. Eric also believes his copy to besigned by Yvonne, but I can assure you it was not.

This show is among the best and it was fantastictohearEricandJennie laugh at themselves and each otherthroughoutthewholeshow.These notes cannot possibly do it justicesopleaselisten toandenjoy episode 114 of ADHD reWired

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