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117 | Helping Your Doctor Understand ADHD Part II

Episode 117 | David Goodman

This episode could easily have been called “Helping Your Doctor Understand ADHD Part II”, and may still be pending approval.

This week Eric managed to track down Dr. David Goodman. Dr. Goodman is widely known in his circles for publishing a 50 page book, consisting of mostly tables to help clinicians diagnose and treat patients. Eric Tivers refers to this as the cliff notes for ADHD.

Dr. Goodman sites three types of physicians:

  • Informed
    • Trained and actively helping those of us with ADHD. Educated and up on the latest research.
  • Uninformed
    • Not trained and unable to identify or treat those with ADHD
  • Misinformed
    • Prejudice toward those claiming to have ADHD. Non-believers and critics who doubt its very existence.

The most amazing thing I heard from this episode was the fact that ADHD is the most researched conditioned all of medicine and this is according to the Scientific Council of the American Medical Association.

                Eric Tivers and Dr. Goodman then speak about a host of other topics including:

  • People who believe ADHD is simply a matter of will power
  • ADHD treatment allows the person to be the person they are supposed to be.
  • What we can do to arm our physicians
  • Things to know about pharmacists.

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