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132 | It's Never Too Late

This Week’s Guest:

Liz Applegate is a life-coach, entrepreneur, and podcaster.  She introduces herself as a “second chance enthusiast positive change facilitator.”  Her work includes helping over-40 individuals turn the “maybe somedays” into “today”. 

Liz was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult, after her son pointed out that she had a lot of the symptoms.  In this discussion, we start off by looking back on Liz’s ADHD journey.  She talks about what her life was and how ADHD impacted areas of her life, specifically in her first marriage.  It was actually ADHD reWired that helped Liz realize that she needed structure and medication to get her ADHD in check and live the life she wanted.  She shares some of her strategies, including KanbanFlow.

Liz balances her personal work, including her podcast, Midlife Schmidlife, but she also does virtual support work.  Balancing these two spheres and going from task to task is a challenge for Liz.  In the ADHD reWired hot seat portion of our discussion, we go through and identify some of the trouble spots and then look at solutions.  A few of the tools I mention are Realtime Board, Process Street, and Edgar.

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You’ll Learn:

  • [3:40] - Liz talks about turning 50 and the negativity of midlife.
  • [6:05] - Liz’s son realizes that she may have adult ADHD. 
  • [7:00] - Liz’s ADHD journey and how her diagnosis helped her make sense of her life.
  • [10:22] - Self medication and the driving factors behind it.
  • [12:37] - After a period without medication, ADHD reWired helped Liz realize she needed structure and medication to keep her ADHD in check.
  • [15:00] - Becoming the person Liz wants to be.
  • [18:13] - Liz shares the strategies she’s adopted to bring structure into her work-life.
  • [23:32] - Liz talks about the types of people that are attracted to her business.
  • [26:40] - When Liz feels like the situation is beyond her capabilities, she refers clients to appropriate mental health professionals.
  • [29:36] - Coaching and virtual support are two different realms in which Liz helps people.
  • [31:40] - Deciding if it’s worth it to learn something new.
  • [35:49] - “Even if you’ve never been diagnosed with ADHD, all of us have something.”
  • [39:31] -  Liz Applegate sits down in the ADHD reWired hot seat! 
  • [40:15] - Being on social media for work, but not getting sucked in and balancing work between personal and coaching/virtual support.
  • [48:44] - Liz goes through an exercise. What will she do when Midlife Schmidlife becomes successful enough for her to stop doing virtual support.
  • [51:23] - Liz experiences “break failure” when it comes to Facebook and we talk about one solution.
  • [1:01:20] - Liz talks about her lack of accountability.

Book Review

This week’s book review is The Success Principles by Jack Canfield, the author of the Chicken Soup books. This is like ten great self-help books all-in-one.

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