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Welcome back to the monthly Q&A episode. Brendan Mahan and I take questions from the group about everything from setting boundaries to setting and accomplishing goals. Learn about finding your “Why” Q, and how setting S.M.A.R.T. goals helps you stay on track in the long-term.

We then move into ADHD medications, irritability, and the stigma surrounding the disease and its symptoms. Finding the right kind of medication and dosing is paramount to reducing symptoms of the medication. Brendan and I also help walk through post-school and work activities and how making minor tweaks helps with the medication crashes and over-stimulation.

Brendan and I also address the stigma surrounding medications. For most people, medications are safe and effective. Seeing your doctor and finding the right medication for you is the most important piece of that. Knowing that you are not alone in the symptoms you are experiencing is also helpful, but realize that the stigma surrounding ADHD is daily being debunked by science.

Join us as we chat about the good and bad of medication, overstimulation, and setting goals and boundaries. We cover so many topics in this episode and share so many great coping tips. You won't want to miss this epic Q&A session!

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You’ll Learn:

  • [01:51] Welcome back! Brendan Mahan helps in our monthly live Q&A.
  • [03:22] Nick asks about strategies for long term focus and motivation techniques.
  • [05:32] We dig into Nick’s current strategy and ways he can improve by setting S.M.A.R.T. goals.
  • [11:55] Eric asks Nick to define his “Why”Q for language learning.
  • [13:33] Brendan and Eric provide tips on reinforcing long-term motivation and goals.
  • [15:07] Kerry asks about resisting the urge to blurt out every opinion, how do you overcome this?
  • [21:00] Use reflective listening to resist the urge to blurt and validate the thoughts the other person is sharing.
  • [27:31] What are some strategies to handle irritability with and without medications?
  • [35:23] Consider listening to the music you like in middle and high school. That music brings a great deal of comfort and helps set the emotional tone.
  • [39:25] Jacinto seeks out advice for being diagnosed and treated with ADHD because his mindset is affecting his family.
  • [49:03] Michael asks how to scale the wall of awful and Brendan shares more about the wall and how it’s built.
  • [54:18] Find your time wisdom. Figure out how long it takes to do things.
  • [57:36] Attention is not just about focus. Learn how to make smooth transitions.
  • [1:00:06] Create a monthly reminder to review the things you’ve learned and keep track of your “aha’s” and “re-ha’s.”
  • [1:02:16] Don’t feel disappointed when you looking to scale the walls of awful in your life. Just start fresh each time.
  • [1:03:47] This episode of ADHD reWired is brought to you by falafel waffles - just kidding… making sure you read to the bottom!
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